Friday, August 3, 2012


Excuse me while I attempt to work through this.....

Last week I weighed myself and I was OVER 200 pounds (206 to be exact). I told one person, that's it, just one. I was so embarassed, but I knew that she'd understand. She gets me and my weight loss struggles in ways that few do.

This morning my pants didn't fit. 

Weighed myself today....208. For those of you keeping track,that means that I have gained 13 pounds in a little over a month. EEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!!!!

I didn't write about my gain last week because I was so embarrassed. I am suppose to be an example to others. How do I admit to people that I have failed? That I've gained weight! That I am once again over 200! I have let everyone down. 

I have gotten really (really, really, really) lazy with my eating choices. My workouts have been sub-par. I have been drinking 0 water and way too much soda. Don't ask me when I started drinking pop again, I really couldn't tell you.
My snacking is out of control. I am eating foods that give me know energy and am left wondering why I am starving. 

This entry is titled "Help" and that is what I need, but I just don't know what sort of help I even need. I know what to do- journal my food and stay in my calorie range, revamp my exercise to include lifting back into my routine, drink water.

What do you do when you feel so very defeated, embarrassed, frustrated, disappointed, but know that you are capable of so much more??? 


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  1. I love your honesty! I'm not disappointed at all, first step is honesty. Second step is knowing why it happened. Third step is doing something about it. Kari you are still an inspiration to all!!
    P.s. tonight before my personal training appointment I read your 5k thing. While I was running I was thinking how much you've inspired me. So thank you!!!!!


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