Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Brave

It's been a while. How are you???? Sorry that I haven't written lately, but I've been busy. Doing what? Well, I've been busy being brave.

I've attend a few fitness classes with instructors that I don't know and they don't have any idea how far I've come. Guess what? I was able to work just as hard with an instructor that didn't know me or my story as I am able to work those that have loved me though every pound lost. 

I talked with my chiropractor about some pretty intense hip pain that I am continuing to have. I was brave. I asked for very specific care. He validated my feelings, treated me and I am feeling so much better.Usually I just mention that X is uncomfortable and leave it at that. 

I only ate part of my burger and stopped when I was full. I didn't worry about wasting food or hurting someone's feelings. 

I took my kids to VBS at the church where my husband and I grew up. We left over 10 years ago for good reasons and I was brave enough to take them without fearing awkward conversations. (The best part is that there was not a single person there that knew me!)

I rode a Zip Line at Wild Waves and never once worried about being too heavy to experience the ride. I was TERRIFIED that the rope would break, but not because of my weight. When the ride was over I felt amazing and didn't stop shaking for a good 5 minutes. Later that day I also hopped into an inner tube and went down the water slides like I owned that joint. 

I met up with a running group down by the waterfront and actually ran with them. I wasn't the quickest, but I did hold my own. I don't know that I'll run with them again, but I was brave enough to do it this time. The next time will be that much easier.

I've been thinking about bravery a lot this week. Being obese had as much to do with what I was eating as it was with my inability to be brave. I was scared to ask for what I needed. I was scared to stand up for my needs. I was scared to try new things because of my weight. I'm so thankful that I no longer need to be scared. I can try new things. I can ask for help when I need it. I can try something, fail, and still move on. 

I can be brave!

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