Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Confessions from the dressing room (with pictures)

Finding clothes that fit well has been a continual problem since I have started losing weight. It is great that I need new clothes because mine are too large, but it can also be a huge frustration (and expense!). I often find myself in-between sizes and finding a good fit is tough! My father-in-law gave me an Old Navy gift card for my birthday. I had been holding on to it for a month or so until I was falling out of my size 18's. Today was the day and I got frustrated enough with my too big jeans and decided to go spend my gift card.

When I arrived at Old Navy I decided to try on size 14's. Why, oh why would I try on 14's? I just started wearing 18's in July. I think that in each of us there is this little part that is never satisfied. I tried on the 14's and got frustrated. Here's the rub- I could button the 14's (woo hoo!), but my rear looked like two pillows shoved into one very small pillow case. Why can't I be happy with the progress I have made? Hmmm...
For a moment I pouted that I didn't look better in the 14's and then I tried on this great XL dress/shirt outfit and saw how AMAZING I looked. When I started my weight loss journey I was wearing a 3X in "plus size" and today I put on an awesome dress in an XL in ladies (not womens, not plus, not nothin!). Here is a pic of me when I started losing weight (143 pounds ago) and me in my new outfit today:

June 2009

October 2010

I did a happy dance in my new dress and then proceeded to buy two new pairs of pants, two dress/shirt things (don't know what to call those!), and two pairs of leggings for $54. Did I mention that they are having 40% off clearance and everything that I got was on clearance. I ended my day with a great chicken and rice dinner and an awesome workout at the gym. Woot! Woot!


  1. Oh my gosh Kari, you look great in your new outfit! I am so proud of all the progress that you have made. Way to go!!!

  2. Okay, Kari, I recognize the girl on the left (you), but who's the hot chick on the right?


  3. You look like a completely different person. Congratulations!!


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