Friday, October 29, 2010

I don't want your stupid cupcake

Whew! Today at school (work) was tough! Everywhere I looked there was candy and sweets. The day started with a front office counter covered with doughnuts and some sort of yummy smelling bread. I then when to my box and was greeted by a bag of miniature candy bars. (TWIX- my favorite!!!) Several of the classrooms were having parties. I swear I could have walked up and down the hall and told you which room had sweets based on the smell of the door. :) This afternoon was a parade of cupcakes in my classroom. Every few minutes a sweet child from another room would come in and offer me one of his or her beautifully decorated mouth watering cupcakes. Each time I would politely say, "No thank you". What I was thinking is, "No, I don't want your stupid, delicious, frosted, sweet, fattening, unhealthy, feeling guilty later cupcake". They'd look at me strangely (who would not want a cupcake?) and move one to the next classroom.

I have learned over time to no longer feel cheated when confronted with the reality that I can no longer eat cupcakes by the dozen on "special days". In the past my problem was that each and every day was a "special occasion". Back to the cupcakes- I hated telling the children "no" because they were so sweet and only trying to share. I had a few other options- take them and throw them away (wasteful!) or take them home to my kiddos. This bring up another issue- Since I am choosing not to have cupcakes because they aren't the best choice for my health, should I really be taking them home to my kids? I decided that they answer to that question was no and passed on all cupcakes today.

It's only just begun. The eating season is upon us! I will maintain control over the weeks to come and beyond the holidays. I may even have to start trying to cook (gasp!!) some healthy alternatives to old time favorites. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

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