Monday, October 25, 2010

Kids say the best things!

Last night I was putting my daughter to bed and she said, "Mommy, why is there an indent in your throat?" I couldn't figure out what she was talking about so I asked her to explain. She said, "Well, right here (pointing to my throat) it use to stick out and was lumpy, not it is smooth and goes in". Ha! She noticed that I had lost weight in my throat. I have thinned out quite a bit through my face and it was so cute that her 5 year old mind noticed something like a skinny neck.

Then today at school one of my first graders asked me how I got to be so small. I looked at him puzzled and he continued, "Last year you were, ummm, not so small and now you are real small." I told him that I had been working really hard to get to be "small" and thanked him for noticing.

Finally, tonight my son and I were running from the car into the gym and he said, "Look, I am a runner just like Mommy!". Then when we were leaving the gym he saw the big muscle guys lifting weights downstairs and he said, "When I am a big boy I am going to exercise down there."

I LOVED that!!! I have often felt guilty for taking time to go to the gym or to work out instead of spending time with my children. I have become an example to my own children and to my students of healthy living and fitness. Days like this make this journey a little bit easier.

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