Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mommy, can you fix my tummy?

The alarm just went off for my last mid-week training run and my daughter comes in the bedroom, "Mommy, can you fix my tummy?". Ugh! My mind races....
~ Bug was sent home earlier in the week for puking.
~ This is going to mess up her perfect attendance.
~ What about the retirement party tonight.
~ I need to go run 3 miles.
~ Puke is gross.

I gave her some Sprite and put her back in bed. Before I could get on my running shoes and try out my new MEDIUM size pants, the puking started. It's not a lot, but in this teacher's world, any puking means no school. I hold her hair while she pukes. She starts to cry because....
~ This will mess up her perfect attendance.
~ She'll never know how the Boxcar Children: Case of the Missing Painting ends cause they are suppose to finish it today.
~ There is a talent show meeting that she hassss to go to.
~ Puking is gross.

I get on the computer and e-mail the talent show teacher to say that she still wants to be in the show but will miss the meeting, check and am relieved to see that our local library has the book she wants to hear the ending of (I'll pick it up after school), and come up with the idea to print her an amazing *Almost* perfect attendance award. 

ALL of this before my first cup of coffee. Life is busy. Sometimes things don't go as planned. I will fit in my run by flexing my "lunch" to the end of the day and running before I come home and hubby has to go to work. I'll miss the party. Life goes on. There will be so many people, I doubt that I'd be noticed. What, what if, I get sick on the day of my 1/2? Can't think about that right now. The good news is that Bug's only lasted a day, so hopefully Babycakes will be back at school tomorrow (it is Field Day after all). 

I'm so thankful that I get to be a mom and take care of my babies. I am also thankful that I am in a place with my weight loss/maintenance where I no longer feel like the day is "ruined" just because I can't run as planned. Life happens. I exercise and eat healthy so that life can continue to happen. :)

Gotta go clean out the puke bucket. 


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