Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking Back

Yes, yes, I know that I owe you a post-race recap, but I wanted to get this out today.

Today is our 10 year wedding anniversary. 10 years! If we were dogs that would mean that we've been married for 70 years. Over the past 10 years my husband and I have bought a house, had 2 amazing kids, each lost a parent and changed jobs more times that I can count. He has stuck by my side during the ugly times when I am not the easiest person to be around. He has worked nights for the past 7 years so that we could keep our kids out of daycare. He has allowed me to purchase every fitness item that I've neeeeeded along the way. He loved me when I was at my heaviest and continues to support me with my current fitness goals. I posted earlier today on Facebook that he's not perfect, but that he is perfect for me. 

Earlier today we watch our wedding video. 
I looked like this on my wedding day:

This picture makes me sad. It was not a sad day. I felt beautiful during my wedding, but the truth is that I was so unhealthy and had no idea how good I *could* feel with different lifestyle choices. Watching the video today made me cry. I was SO big. What you don't see in this pictures are my arms. They were everywhere in the video, but in none of my photos. I spent most of today being sad about my wedding pictures, but them my hubby (the amazing one that I talked about earlier) pointed out that instead of feeling sad, that I should feel proud of all that I've accomplished. 

Here I am today:

Excuse the fact that I am a hot mess. I just got home from the gym. :) 

I so don't have this whole weight loss thing figured out, but one thing that I know for sure is that I can't go back to being that first girl. I was beautiful on my wedding day, but I was also unhealthy and tired. I lacked the energy to do basic tasks. My life revolved around food. Everything hurt. Over the past few years I have figured out one thing for sure- I choose who I want to be.

What about you? Who do you choose to be?????

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