Monday, January 28, 2013

Glad nobody's asking

I was working on a post last week all about how glad I was that no one was asking me how I am doing on my weight loss/return to maintenance. Guess what? Yep, someone asked......

I'm so thankful that I have people in my life that are willing to ask those hard questions. My answer?

"Ugh, this is so dang hard. I hate how hard it is. Why are there people that don't have to work out or record and they can maintain a healthy weight."

Her response? "Yep, it sucks" :) I love my friends!

Over the past month I have bounced between.....

This is hard.
I got this.
Why can't I do this?
I am strong.
This CAN NOT be done forever.
Healthy feels so good.

Here's the problem with the bouncing.... It gets EXHAUSTING! Often the bouncing happens multiple times during the day. Losing weight was easy because I was in "project status". I was on a mission. Losing weight consumed EVERY single part of my day.  

Leading up to my 1/2 marathon I started to lose focus on the eating. It didn't seem to matter what I was eating. I could still maintain 192 pounds. DUH! I was burning massive amounts of calories. After the 1/2, I continued to eat the same way that I had eaten when I was training.  

(Yep, I know I've already written about this. Yep, I sound like a broken record. Feel free to ignore the rest of the post.)

There HAS TO be a middle ground. There HAS TO be this magical place where you can eat healthy, maintain weight, and not be on continual project status when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. 

I'm not there. I want to be there. I went back to recording on Friday. I just needed someone to ask. 
Who helps you stay accountable?

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