Thursday, April 3, 2014

Strength Trainig- Why did I ever leave you???

Pick things up.
Put them down.

I love, love, love strength training. 

I love being able to throw my kids over my shoulder and carry in a heavy bag of groceries.

I know that strength training helps to burn fat and make me a faster athlete. 

On Tuesday I had some free time (HURRAY FOR SPRING BREAK!!!!) so I decided to return to the weight room after a good month+ absence.  

My plan was simple....
overhead press, leg extension, leg curl, bicep curl, tricep extension, the funny ab contraption

I used light for me weights. 3 sets each exercise...

That was Tuesday. It's Thursday and I'm still sore. Not a bad sore, but rather the "ohhhh it hurts so good" kind of sore. 

I missed being sore.

A few thoughts....

~ It makes me a little sad that such a simple weight workout made me sore. That means that I've lost a lot of muscle.
~ Good news is that I can regain that lost muscle.
~ In my current training plan there is a day for strength training, but I've been doing body weight exercise. I miss the weight room. 
~ I love being able to workout at home in the early morning hours. Maybe I need to invest in some heavier weights that I can use at home instead of driving to the gym. 

What about you? Do you lift at home or go to a gym? 


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