Saturday, December 18, 2010

It doesn't count if you don't record it....

As most of you know I have been using Spark People to record my food and exercise on a daily basis. On special occasions (birthdays, dinners out, etc) I don't record - mostly because I can't. People find it strange when you arrive at their house with a food scale and want to know exactly which ingredients they put in the green bean casserole. :) 

I was talking with hubby today about whether or not I should record since his family were coming over for dinner tonight. We were cooking so I had complete control over the portions and ingredients. He pointed out that I should record so that I could "gorge" myself. He was being silly, but his comment got me thinking....

My success in losing weight has come from two things - limiting my caloric consumption to what my body needs and sweating like a pig at the gym nearly every day. Spark People is the tool (and an AMAZING tool - don't get my wrong) that I use to record what I eat, but really the success has been in the food choices that I have chosen to make. I've always thought that my success was because I am using Spark People, but realized today that the success comes in the choice - not in the recording.

Now about dinner - I did record and based on what I recorded did stay in my calorie range for the day. I struggled more today with what I didn't record. Every time I walked by the table I was grabbing a Triscuit, some hummus, or a piece of cheese. I intentionally didn't put out candies and dips, but still was grazing until dinner. We also didn't have dessert and everyone survived! I need to figure out a way to keep away from the appetizers this week. I know that every house we visit will have out some sort of yummy to snack on while we wait. Does anyone have any not-grazing strategies? I'd love to hear them!

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