Saturday, December 25, 2010

The New Normal

Tempting food causes me stress! A few days ago someone told me to "trust yourself" when it came to the food choices I was making. That statement has resonated with me over the past few days.

* I am afraid that if I eat one cookie that I'll eat the whole plate. My little voice chimed in, "Kari, you have the ability to choose how many cookies you eat. Trust yourself to stop when you should."
* I didn't want to throw out the extra piece of pie. "Kari, it's OK if there is no more pie- you can always get more. Trust yourself to be OK with getting rid of the leftovers".

* How many calories are in this stuffing?! "Kari, enjoy the stuffing. Tomorrow is a new day. Trust yourself to fit in an extra workout this week to balance out the yummy Christmas treats."

I was talking with my mom (while eating a piece of fudge) and mentioned that tomorrow morning I'd be hitting the gym and looking forward to eating light. Here's the best part- my new normal is that I make healthy choices (ALMOST all of the time) and that I exercise on a daily basis. I wasn't planning to exercise today and snuck in a run before heading to my mom's for Christmas dinner. I couldn't stand it and had to get out in the fresh air.

Tomorrow the cookies will be gone, Santa won't be back until next Christmas, and I will continue my healthy lifestyle~ exercise, tracking my food, and drinking my water. THAT is the new normal!

Merry Christmas to all and
to all a healthy New Year!!!!

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