Monday, December 13, 2010

Those darn two pounds

In the diet world there is this mystical land called "Onederland". You reach "Onederland" when your weight is in the 100's.  I've been hovering around "Onederland" for the past month. For the past two weeks I have been within two pounds. I've written before about my frustration when the scale doesn't move. I know that weight is a fluid number, but I REALLY want to visit "Onederland"- even if it's just for a day. It's like when everyone is talking about this great new movie coming out. You weren't really interested in the show, but as it gets closer to opening night the more you want to see the movie. I never thought that I would ever be this close to below 200 pounds and therefor I never focused on that number. Here I am- 2 pounds away and now I really want to be there.

I went to an awesome class tonight at the gym (my instructor is AMAZING!!!) and started to ponder these two pounds. It was a lot easier to lose weight when I still had 179 pounds to lose to get to a healthy weight. Duh! Of course it's going to be easier to lose 2 pounds when you have so much to lose.  Here's my math:
-179 pounds to lose (when I started)- when I lose 2 pounds that is less than 1% of my total goal
-25 pounds to lose (as of tonight)- when I lose 2 pounds that is 8% of my total goal

When I was pregnant with my daughter I had a week in the last trimester when I gained 4 pounds (!!!!) in a week. I called my dad and had a mini break down because I had gained so much weight that week. He pointed out that he could "crap 4 pounds" in a day. :) I love my dad! The next week my doctor was "concerned" because I hadn't gained any weight that week- until I reminded her of the four pounds from the week before.

Hubby also pointed out that in the last 16 months I have "gained" two pounds and have lost 154 pounds. Not too shabby at all. I'll get to "Onederland" and I'll get to my healthy weight goal of 177 pounds. I find that I am burning few calories during my cardio sessions as I continue to lose weight and build strength. Over Christmas vacation I am going to work on developing a plan that includes strength training. My next post will, hopefully, come when I have entered "Onederland".

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