Friday, December 31, 2010

This year I won't....

Eat my emotions~ Today I was super excited to get a facial and a pedicure. I had the wrong appointment time and they couldn't fit me in when I showed up. I drove home super sad and with each fast food restaurant I passed I had to repeat "I will NOT eat my emotions". This year I will work hard to recognize and address my emotions rather than stuff them further inside with food.

Lose site of my goals~ I am so close to being at a healthy BMI! 23 pounds seems so daunting, but I know that it is totally doable. I've changed my SparkPeople goal to shoot for one pound a week weight loss instead of two. Yesterday it was really hard for me to eat in my new higher calorie range. I considered changing my goal back to 2 lbs a week since that is where I am comfortable, but instead I decided to view this 1 lb a week as a great transition into maintenance mode.

Expect more from myself than my own personal best~ This one is tough for me! I watch people at the gym and am in continual awe of what they are capable of. I watch people run on the road and think, "Oh, if only I could run like that". I've learned through this journey that everyone (well, almost everyone!) has something about themselves that they aren't happy about- big thighs, freckles, etc. I have come so far and need to spend my time focusing on how much I have grown as an athlete instead of focusing on what others are doing.

There it is- my New Year Resolutions! Last year I didn't do resolutions, but looking back now I can say that in 2010 I will (and did!!!):

- Run my first 5K
- Lose 109 pounds
- Increase my exercise from 3 to 6 days a week
- Drink at least 64 oz a water a day
- Make great new friends that have similar healthy living goals
- Go from a size 24 to a size 14
- Make my first blog post

Here's to another year of healthy living and watching my body change in new and amazing ways!!!!

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