Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday Weigh-in

Maintenance weight: 192
Current Weight: 210.7

There, I said it. I put it out there. I have gained 18 pounds and the world didn't end. It's funny, I use to hate that 192 because I just couldn't bust through it. Now I long for that number. I'll get back there! I have the tools. It's will be ok.

At this point I am looking more at lessons learned, than regrets:

~ During my 1/2 marathon training I could eat anything and not gain wait. Duh! I was burning close to 4,000 calories a week and my over used muscles were always looking for fuel. I can't eat anything and not gain weight if I am not doing the work to use up that fuel. Big shock, I know.

~ I need to ask for help when I am spiraling. I lashed out at hubby several times for stupid things. The real issue was that my clothes didn't fit and I was frustrated. Eventually we did have a good talk about how he had stopped buying fruits and veggies at the store and that I just didn't have time to do extra shopping. He solved the problem. I had to be honest about the issue. 

~ Exercise is harder with an extra 18 pounds. My runs have really suffered. I don't like that. 

Back to doing what I know to do....record...exercise...drink water ... rest ... repeat. :)


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