Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I could be angry.....

but I'm not!

Current weight: 210.6 
Maintenance weight: 193

I lost a 1/10 of a pound. A freaking tenth! Nothing in the world to write home about. Guess what? I didn't gain. For week, and weeks, and weeks I've gained. This week I didn't gain. I survived Thanksgiving AND a night our for pizza and didn't gain. 

Some exciting things are happening with my body and I kind of like it. I have been lifting weights for around a month again and am starting to notice results. I am getting that bump back at the top of my shoulder that I LOVE. I tried a new routine tonight and wasn't scared to go for the big weights, even though it meant that I was totally burnt out at 5 instead of the 10 reps that the program suggested. 

Hubby and I both bought fitness gifts for each other for Christmas. He got a new bike. He even rode it home from the shop. I was SO proud of him. It was a hilly ride and he hadn't been on a bike in 20+ years. What did I get? A brand spankin new treadmill. It has a fan, a place to plug in my ipod, and has a super steep incline when I really want to work these legs. Last night I was able to go for a test run and I loved it. Afterwards Sissy even got on and went for a walk. 

Recording went ok this week. I recorded 5 out of 7 days. I want to be in a place where I no longer need to record. I'm just not there....yet. That day will come and you'll be the first to know about it.

There you have it! I recorded more days than not, I met my exercise goals for the week, and yet I only lost a 1/10th of a pound. My body is changing. My life if changing. My fitness level is changing.Exciting things are on my horizon.

I could be angry, but I'm not. :)


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