Monday, April 1, 2013

Seeing Clearly

The battery light on my HR monitor watch had been on for a few months nearly a year. Earlier this week I was on a run and by the end of the run I couldn't even read the time. I decided that the "low battery" light really meant LOW battery. A quick trip to the jewelry store and I was back in business. 

Did you eat some candy for Easter?!?!? I know that I did. I overate an amazing ham and scalloped potato linner. I ate chocolate ALL DAY long. It was delish. I was stuffed. After cutting off food for 2 hours, I strapped on my shoes and went for my first post-new battery run. 

Clarity! I could see the numbers on my watch and they were bright. I had not realized how dim the light had become. It's like when you replace a light bulb in the living room. It seems so bright, but in reality it's just what it's suppose to be. 

Runs are perfect for thinking. There is a clarity that comes on a run that I don't experience during other forms of exercise. I was able to maintain my weight for a year without a ton of focus on my eating/recording before I started to gain weight. My light got dim and I didn't even notice. My focus was fading. I needed a new battery. 

In March I had committed to running at least a mile every day. In March I ran for 31 days and a total of 46 miles. It felt AMAZING to have a goal. A focus. Clarity. It felt good to set a goal and complete it. (I feel like I need to mention that I did a ton of other exercise.....not just running.)

Here's my April goal..... I want to eat 5 servings of fruits or veggies (at least 2 veggies) every single day in April. I started out great- 2 scrambled eggs, 1/2 ounce parmesan cheese, 2 cups raw spinach and a banana. 2 servings already done for the day!

What are your goals for April????  


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