Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just for me.....

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you know much of my story. I was talking with someone yesterday who didn't know me "before". The conversation started like this, "Did you lose some weight?". Ummmm, yes, I lost some weight. Actually I lost 165 pounds. That 356 pound girl still lives in my head, so that thought of someone NOT knowing that girl is a little offsetting. We sat for quite a while and I shared with her my story. A story that I haven't told in a long time because everyone has heard it. Most of you have lived it along side of me. Telling her inspired ME! Some good stuff has happened along the way and I tend to dismiss it or forget the success. 

This is me....

This is me.....

They are both me! I was kind, funny, and loving in both pictures. My after is really just a souped up version of my before. 

Hi! I'm Kari....
I've lost 165ish pounds.

To maintain my weight I record my food and exercise 6 days a week.

I love to exercise! I do it because I can, not because I have to. 

I lost my weight through diet and exercise. Nothing fancy. Just plain hard work.

I was in the paper! I ran a half marathon

I've hit a bit of a healthy eating slump as of late. It's ok. I'm moving forward. 

I've got this! You've got this!


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On June 19, 2009 I started my weight loss journey. It has become quite the journey! As of today (2-1-11) I have lost 162 pounds and have gained a whole new life. This blog is a continuation of my journey. I hope to inspire and encourage others through my process.