Monday, April 29, 2013

Zumba vs Core

Oh, Zumba, I hate you! I hate you because.....

- I look ridiculous "shaking what my mamma gave me"
- I can move my arms or move my legs, but both at the same time is nearly impossible
- I can't get my heart rate up because I am spending my entire time figuring out what everyone else is doing
- You seem like such an easy workout. I like to be lying on the ground in a pool of sweat when I'm finished.

Correction- Zumba, I use to hate you. I think that I finally get you!

On Thursday we had a fitness night at school and they were showcasing a Zumba instructor from my gym. I instantly was drawn to her excitement and enthusiasm for her craft. Saturday morning I laced up my shoes (Does Zumba have special shoes???) and headed to the gym. Would I be the only one there? Would the nice teacher on Thursday turn into a drag in the gym? What if I really couldn't do it?

I had a blast!

She was doing this Zumba meets chair dancing (really, I swear) meets old school exercise (lunges, anyone?). The class was full of all different body types and, best of all, no mirrors so I have no idea how ridiculous I looked! 

After class I talked with a few amazing chicks who said that the class changes from week to week and that this week wasn't normal. 

I want more of abnormal!!!!

My calorie burn was low for the hour (350), but by mid afternoon my core was on fire. That night it was soooo sore that it hurt to lay down. :) I know that YOU get why I'm smiling. It wasn't a torn muscle sore, but rather a yep, I've got muscles down there kind of sore. It's Monday morning and my core is still sore! 2 c-sections and a tummy tuck later it is really hard to strengthen my core. Could Zumba be the cure??????

Do you Zumba? I'd like to get a Zumba X-box game to play at home when no one else is watching. Any suggestions????


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