Friday, November 8, 2013

Race Recap- Turn Back the Clock

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to run the Turn Back the Clock. I love smallish local races. There isn't the intensity of a big race and it's easier to focus on your personal goals. This event is usually put on by the city, but budget cuts meant that it wasn't going to happen. The local running club decided to host the event and they did an amazing job.

I run solo, but when it comes to racing I love having others with me at the starting line. For this run I had 3 coworkers there with me at the start. Pictures don't lie- I look like a giant next to these ladies! 

If you follow me on Facebook than you know that I've been working towards a goal of running the entire 5k. When I've done 5k's in the past I've done a run walk. I had been adding total running distance for the last 6 week. My last long run was 3 miles on the Wednesday before the race. I was set! 

I thought I was set! The Friday before the Sunday race I got super sick. Cold, headache, cough, fatigue. Sick.

No running Friday.
No running Saturday.

Sunday morning I woke up and felt better, but still not amazing. I was going to race. A friend texted me and told me that I could still meet my goal. I might need to slow down my pace, but I could still do it.

Never underestimate the power of a 30 second text to a friend.

I could do this! My training pace had been a 12 minute mile. Don't laugh! I can run faster, but not for 3 miles. If I stick around a 12 minute mile I can keep going.

The race started and I was feeling strong. There was a small hill. My Nike app was off a bit from the race signs (We hit a mile a block before the race mile). 1 mile down- 11:25 pace. Whoaaaaa. Time to slow down. Mile 1.5 at the turn around point- 11:40 pace. Go a little slower. I thought about walking. I thought about stopping for water. My friends were actually right behind me. There would be witnesses if I stopped. Must keep running. 

Mile 2- 11:42 pace. I've got this. 

The race was on the sidewalks, but they had police officers at the roundabouts stopping traffic. This was awesome because if I had to stop at this point I would have been one sad chick.

Mile 3- 11:50 pace. I can see the finish line. I start running towards the finish line. People were cheering for there loved ones. I kept running. They had no idea. No one knew this was the first time I had run the entire way. No one knew that I use to weigh 356 pounds. No one knew that I have been struggling with the 20 pounds that I have gained. None of that matter. I had run the entire race. I exceeded my goal pace. 

EEEEEKKKKKK! I ran the whole way.


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