Thursday, February 13, 2014

Conference Eating

This week(end) I get to attend a math conference a few hours away from home. The family will join me later in the week and we will play before heading home. I am looking forward to seeing them later in the week, but this tired mama was pretty excited to just have to take care of me for a few days. Being a mom often means that your identity is wrapped up more in being so-in-so's mom or so-in-so's wife.

Uncontrollable food situations are really stressful for me. I haven't had a can of pop since July. Entering the conference dinner last night was a giant tub of ice surrounding cans of diet coke. So hard to resist! I did resist. There is just something about food/drinks at conference type meals that makes it all so very appealing.

Last night was a fried dinnerpalooza. I skipped everything fried and opted for spring rolls, some mini-sandwiches, and a bacon wrapped something. I found out later that the fried item was fried mac-n-cheese. Oh my! I knew that I couldn't have that and if I had some I would be toast for the rest of the weekend eating. I did have a bite of dessert. Just one. Not five. Just one. It was really good. Never once did I feel cheated because of what others were eating. I was satisfied.

On a bright side- I recorded, to the best of my ability, my dinner. Not knowing exactly what was in my food usually stresses me out. It didn't stress me out. I was able to shrug it off. My choices were good and I rested in knowing I did the best I could. This is a huge area of growth for me.

I got up early today to run on the treadmill before the breakfast buffet. Hopeful that there will be lots of protein options at breakfast. The fitness room had a huge set of weights. Tomorrow morning I plan on doing some lifting in the morning.

Off to start my day!

What are you best tips for eating on vacation and especially buffet style eating?


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