Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fats, Proteins, and Carbs! Oh my!!!

On Thursday I started watching my carb, fat, and protein percentages. 

I quickly learned that I don't eat nearly enough protein. I'm shooting for 30% of my calories to come from protein. That is harder than it seems! Well, it's hard for me.

Thur- 25%
Fri- 22%
Sat- 22%
Sun- 28%

I worked hard for those percentages. 

Looking at my food has also taught me that most of my calories come from carbohydrates. 

I also eat way more fat than I need. My goal is 20%.

Thur- 24%
Fri- 33%
Sat- 32%
Sun- 32%

Oy! I'm eating healthy fats, but too much of them. 

When it comes to my food, I am really focused on lean proteins every time I eat. I'd prefer to not do a protein powder or a bar, but am getting a little protein desperate.

One positive of the increased protein and decreased carbs- I feel fuller on a good 200-350 calories less a day. It's pretty incredible! 

I've learned so much about food over the past few days. I've been counting and recording calories for 4 years, but knew little about the energy of the food that I was eating beyond the number of calories and the unique skill to cut an exact size of an ounce of cheese. (I'm REALLY good at that!)

Next week brings a work conference, which means a lot of food available that I can not cook or pick. Ugh! That always throws me for a loop. I'm hopeful there will be good options at each meal. 

How do you increase your protein intake? Do you notice a difference when you consume more of your calories for protein?


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