Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Examining Goals

Here’s a well know secret about me- I don’t “enjoy” reading. I teach reading. I enjoy reading with my kids. Never will you find me curled up on the couch enjoying a good book…..unless it’s a fitness book. J I am currently reading “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle”. Chapter 6 is devoted to goal setting and reminded me of my goal that I shared in November about wanting to decrease my body fat percentage from 40% to 30%. Eeek! Did I really say that? Ok, I’m going with it. I want to decrease my body fat to 30% based on Bod Pod testing. I plan to test again in June. That is in 5 months. Can I really do that?

 The book asked 3 questions about my goals that really resonated with me.

1.       What is important to you about reaching your goal?

It’s important to me that I reach my goal through healthy eating and a balanced approach to exercise. The timeframe isn’t significant, but I definitely want to see some movement towards my goal by June.

2.       Why is that important to you?

Excess body fat leads to a series of medical complications, it slows me down when I run, and doesn’t look as pretty. Not going to lie, appearance does matter. It’s not #1, but it does have an impact on how I feel about myself. Additionally, a reduction in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass will mean that I am burning more calories when at rest, which means that I can eat more.

3.       What impact, specifically, will achieveing this goal have on your life?

For one, my clothes will fit better. I will be a faster, stronger athlete. My risk of developing fatty tissue related diseases will be reduced. Hmmmm, I really don’t know how else my life will be better with a lower body fat percentage. It won’t give me more friends or make me happier. It will make me healthy, which is what this is all about.


Do you set goals? What criteria do you use to set or evaluate your goals?

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