Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Bones and New Measurements

A few days ago I discovered a new bone in my ever-changing body! I'm not sure which bone it is, but it is at the end of my collar bone in the shoulder area. When I rotate my arm in circles I can feel the bone move up and down. :)   I've spent all day long feeling and poking at my "new" bone.
Even with the discovery of this new bone I've been feeling dissatisfied with my body- extra skin, lumpy spots, and disappearing parts of my body that aren't suppose to shrink! I decided to have hubby take my measurements and here are the results.... 
Body part- November 29, 2010- January 5, 2010
Waist- 42.25in- 39.5
Hips- 46in- 45
Neck- 13.5in- 13
Thigh- 22.5in- 22
Arm- 14.25in- 14.25
Chest- 38.5in- 37.5in
Weight- 206lbs- 197lbs

I'm super pleased with these numbers! My measurements today are a great example of a time when the scale is not the only indicator of success. Before Thanksgiving I had set a goal to not gain any weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. I am happy to report that not only did I not gain any weight, but I actually lost 9 pounds during the eating season. I start 2011 with great anticipation and a little bit of fearfulness. I look forward to seeing my body change and grow as I near maintenance mode and I am terrified by the fact that I have no idea how to maintain. Happy New Year!

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  1. I still remember when I first discovered I had a collar bone... I kept poking at it all the time. I still do. Congrats to you!


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