Monday, February 6, 2012

A new day dawns

Confession: The last few days have been awful when it comes to my eating.

Saturday is typically my "off" day....not a cheat day, but an "it's OK if I eat an extra serving of bread kind of day". I've learned that food isn't something that I cheat with, but rather something that I enjoy a little bit more of on certain days.

I went in to Sunday with the best of intentions and then I ran into an unexpected potluck lunch. The potluck lunch turned in to another bonus day where I didn't record. It's so hard to record when I don't prepare my own food. There is a piece of me that feels like I can't record when I didn't prepare the food. I could record, but I tend to use potlucks as an excuse to not record or hold myself accountable for the foods that I choose.

Monday brought another potluck! Another potluck! There were so many food choices. Some things that I did right: only ate half a sandwich, filled my plate with veggies, had yummy (and filling soup). Things I could have done better: not eaten the rice crispy treat treats after lunch, had one bowl of soup instead of the two that I had, AND not given myself permission to keep eating for the rest of the day. I met a friend for dinner and wasn't even hungry.

The good news is that tomorrow is a brand new day! I can make new choices tomorrow. I do find myself getting into a cycle. I am not yet at the place where I can eat one (insert crappy junk food choice here....) and stop at just one. It's like once the taste is in my mouth there is no stopping me.

I have another potluck to attend of Friday and it's Mexican food. I need to make a more specific plan before Friday about how I am going to tackle another potluck. What about you? Do you have rules that have helped you when you encounter unknown or unplanned food situations?


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