Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Rules- Phase 1

Woo hoo! I completed New Rules of Lifting for Women- Phase 1. I started on January 2nd and did my final workout last night. Go me! I feel great. My plan was to take measurements, but I am retaining fluid (read PMS) right now and don't want to weigh-in or measure myself until next Friday. Look for a stat update next Friday....

I love data! Some may even call me a data junkie. It's partly the nature of my job and part due to my need to control everything. Here is my chart that shows my reps and weights that I've been lifting over the past month and a half. Be sure to click on "Workout B" so that you can see both workouts. I alternated between A and B, 3 times a week.

I am most proud of how much I've improved in my ab work and overhead dumbbell press. My shoulders are rockin! My abs hurt all the time. I am thinking that my sore abs might be partly due to previous c-sections or even my surgery. The next post from me will be an update about my surgery. I am already 9 months post-op! The lat pull down was by far the hardest exercise for me and I didn't see a lot of improvement over the past few weeks. Ohhh....I almost forgot about my push-ups. They are starting to look really nice! I can now do 8 full push-ups in a row!!!! When I started I could only do one or two before having to go down on my knees. I keep hearing Kelly's voice telling my to lower my butt. I like to stick it up too high.

On to Phase 2. Step 1 of Phase 2 is finding my book. :)


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