Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Annnnddddd she's back!

Guess who lost two pounds this week?!??!! Me!!!!!!

Current weight: 208.6
Maintenance weight: 193

I'm back on my way down...... :)

Other success today:
- I confronted someone when they were unkind to me. I hate confrontation, but it actually worked out.
-  I didn't eat my way through a bag of chips even though I was frustrated with a flat tire.
- I got up early to work out because I knew my afternoon was swamped.
- I passed on pizza 3 different times today. We are having pizza tomorrow night for dinner.

It's all gonna be ok.....


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  1. Good work there Kari. Doing this with stress is tricky. Great job navigating all that. hang in there


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