Friday, September 12, 2014


The truth is that lately I've had the sads. Nothing major, just small periods of sad that seem to go on for days. Things are GOOD right now. Job- good. Training- good. Food- getting better. Kids- good. Things are good.

Why am I sad?

(I've stared at this question for several days.... )

I think that my sad is really more of a little lost or a lack of direction.

I'm a goal focused type of girl. I follow a plan.

My last tri is this weekend. The training is done. I have some "pre" post race blues.

My son had a BIG doctor appointment (he's fine) looming in the future. The appointment came and went. 

I'm in a new job and am starting the real meat of my work next week. I'm READY to get going and have to wait.

There are no "big things" on my horizon and that has me feeling sad lost unfocused .... I can't describe it. 

So I press on. I keep doing what I know to do. 

I eat to fuel.

I exercise for both mental and physical stability.

I love my family and friends.

I make people smile.

How are YOU? Really, I want to know.


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