Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Frustrated to the Core

Warning... A little big of Negative Nancy visiting tonight....

My core muscle are super lame. I have modified the heck out of every core strengthening exercise know to man and I can't seem to make any progress. When I visited the plastic surgeon he assured me that I had "strong core muscles", but I don't see or feel them! There are a few things that make core work so hard for me...

- I broke my tailbone about 15 years ago. When I am doing traditional sit-ups it is a big pain in my butt- literally!
- When I am trying to hold plank there is so much excess skin that I can feel and see (when looking down my shirt) that it starts to mess with my mind. How can someone with that much fat have a strong core?
- I have sciatic issues and my lower back burns when I am trying to hold my legs up and work my lower abs.

These aren't excuses. It's where I'm at. Some of these issues would be resolved if my core was stronger. See my dilemma? Core work makes me so frustrated that it often causes my workout to derail. I get discouraged and begin to doubt my physical abilities. I almost cried during class tonight because I was so disappointed in my progress. Why is the core so hard to strengthen? I am a tough chick and am willing to do the work. I've done the work and am not seeing the results. Is it possible that this is just as good as it gets and that I am not meant to have a strong core?

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  1. Sounds like you have serveral issues giving you pain during core exercises, maybe try doing them on one of the big exercise balls to help relieve the pain from the tailbone injury. As for the loose stuff I often (even after surgery) wear a compression type garment so I don't have loose skin hanging everywhere or jiggling.

    Here's the kicker, with a tummy tuck they will tighten up your muscles and any ab work will hurt like hell so you probably won't be doing much after surgery anyway. I've read about people 2 yrs later still not able to do ab exercises. They are going to tighten everything up so you probably won't need to worry about it anyway. So I wouldn't worry.


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