Friday, April 1, 2011

Stuck, stuck, stuck

I feel stuck!
Not just stuck-

Since January 5th I've lost a measly 6 pounds. I've gained strength and speed in my running. I've lost inches. People are still telling me I look like I am still losing. For a girl who is use to losing 8-10 pounds a month this is really hard. 6 pounds in 3 months stinks! I am still overweight. I should still be losing!

I blame my doctor. She told me to slow down my weight loss so I increased my calories with a goal of losing 1 pound a week instead of 2 (about 1600 calories a day). Here I am eating more food and not losing any weight. What do I do? I have two lines of thought...
1. Go back to 1200 calories until I get down to my goal weight- 174 pounds. I am at 191 right now- that would mean another 15 pounds.
2. Wait until after my surgery to find out what I really weigh after all of this excess skin is removed. I may be way closer to a healthy weight than I think.

How do you know when enough is enough? I've lost 166 pounds... is that enough? Is it OK to not lose for a while? I'm stuck!

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  1. I've asked myself these questions a million times. I say live healthy and happy and if your body (and mind, this is the big part) want to lose more you will. In surgery (as you might have read) I got almost 11 lbs taken off which should have put me at about 168 from where I was surgery day and here I sit at 175 most days. So I say just try to do the best you can but don't beat yourself up or worry (I know easier said than done). Good luck with your surgery next month and just prepare yourself that without the exercise you might get to feeling down but it will lift and you will feel better as time goes on. I'm envious of you getting your arms done :) I won't be having arms/chest done till next January. Anyway, I could ramble so better stop here :)


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