Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Regroup

My weight loss success has been largely centered around routine. When I lose that routine I tend to put on a little excess weight. I'm not stressed out, but after a weekend of non-routine I am up 3 pounds from Friday. I know it's not 3 pounds of fat. Most likely it's fluid. My weekend included:
  • Chinese take-out from the mall
  • Hubby sprained his ankle
  • Missed workout on Saturday (see above- had to take him to the doctor)
  • Saturday at the fair (after Urgent Care visit)- carmel apple, onion burger, no water, cotton candy
  • Sunday morning run- shorter than normal because I was sore and beat up from the fair
  • Ice cream Sundae at AWANA award ceremony at Church
  • Pizza for dinner on Sunday
  • Not enough water on Sunday either- I do SO much better with my water when I am at work and have my water bottle sitting on my desk.
I KNOW that stress, not enough water, missing workouts, and poor food choices can all lead to slight variations in weight. I feel totally OK with a little bit of weight gain. I understand the "why" behind the gain and am looking forward to a fresh start and a new week.

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  1. I could have written this post too! I to find that during the work week when I am in a constant routine and I also have my water bottle on my desk it is so much easier not to give into temptations or to make better choices - but the reality is sometimes things happen and we can't be 100% all the time - you recognize what is going on and you know how to fix it so you already have the upper hand on those 3 lbs you gained. Learning how our bodies work and what affects them is a huge key in fighting weight loss - once you know what works its just a matter for putting that knowledge to use ... You got this! Keep on doing what you've been doing because it has obviously worked for you in the past =)


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