Monday, April 25, 2011

The voices are back...

So, a friend of my posted this link on my wall. It's about this amazing woman in my town that has lost 302 pounds through diet and exercise! 302!!! That is amazing!!! I *should* have been inspired by her story, but instead that ugly voice in my head started creeping in.... I've lost 170 which is OK, but it's not even 200....She is a fitness instructor- I could never do anything like that....She does Zumba 5 days a week and lifts weights twice a week- I do cardio 6 days a week AND weights 3 times a week and am still overweight...

Those stupid voices!

A good workout and a short chat with an amazingly supportive friend can do wonders for those voices. Here's the thing- I didn't have 300 pounds to lose. I don't think that I'd look too good at 56 pounds and 5'10". :) Yes, she is a Zumba instructor- I probably *could* teach a class if that's something that I really want to do. Yes, she is at goal. Did you see that it has taken her 5 years to get to that point? I am not even 2 years into my journey and am within 15 pounds of no longer being overweight. Not too bad! 

Take that you stupid voices!


  1. Confession: I've thought that about you Kari. How you are much more amazing than I am for having lost more weight than me. How your transformation is more impressive. That if we were standing side by side people would flock to you before they would me.

    Stupid voices.

  2. It is hard to not compare your journey to someone elses. You our journey is our own and we need to celebrate each success we have along the way.
    For what it is worth, I think you look amazing and have been such an inspiration to me.

  3. Tara~ I am always saying, "Yeah, but Tara can...". Sounds like we both need to work on taking pride in success that we've had. ;)

  4. What we should be saying is look what we've both done...we both have made inspirational changes visible to the people around us. We both deserve the credit...good lord together we've lost an entire me! 270 pounds combined!. There should be no Yhea but so and so is doing...

    Only hugs, high fives and amazement at we we've done!


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