Monday, June 6, 2011

4 Weeks Post-Op

Feeling amazing this morning I decided to weigh myself. Last time I stepped on the scale I was up 12 pounds from my pre-op weight and it was not pretty. I am happy to report that today I was actually 2 pounds below my pre-op weight. I've been told that swelling can last up to 6 weeks. Hopefully I am still a little bit swollen, but even if I'm not it's totally OK. Based on my handy heart rate monitor I burn (pre-op) approximately 3000 calories a week through exercise. I have not been burning anywhere near that since surgery. I have actually given myself the "ok" to be "ok" with a little bit of weight gain during my first 6 weeks post-op.

It's not all about weight at 4 weeks post-op. My stomach continues to feel larger than expected. I realized this weekend that that is partly because the incisions are still super tight. What felt "heavy" I now realize is (I think) tightness. As the numbness continues to fade away and the scars start to relax I am able to get a much better idea of what my final results will look like. My waist has returned! My pants fit again! Speaking of pants- I can't quite figure out where my pants are suppose to sit.... Below my super cute new belly button? On my new belly button? Somewhere in the middle? Where does one wear one's pants when you have a belly button that is actually in the middle of one's belly????

My arms are still super amazing. I have lost a lot of my muscle tone in my arms so they don't look as pretty as they did the first week post-op, but I am still really happy with the results. I know that the definition in my arms will return once I am able to start lifting again. I have one little spot near my arm pit that hasn't healed completely, but everything else (including my TT incisions) have closed up and are already starting to flatten.

My next doctor's appointment will be in two weeks. I am hoping to get the all clear to return to running and stop wearing my compression garment. I am planning on getting one tiny part revised where it's not even on both sides, but have decided that I will not have any more excess skin removed. There is still some excess skin around my belly button, but it is SO much better than before. At my next appointment I am going to ask about how long I have to change my mind if I do want revisions in the future.

This is getting long. I'll post later this week about post-op exercise, eating and balance. Happy Monday!


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