Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Weeks Post-op

6 weeks! Has it really been 6 weeks?! I went in today to have a stitch removed that had popped out. Tuesday was suppose to be my 6 weeks post-op appointment, but the nurse offered to squeeze me in today to see the doctor since I was already there. Have I mentioned that I love my Plastic Surgeon's office? They have always been so quick to respond to my needs and make me comfortable.

There are two parts of my tummy tuck that I don't love. They are fine, but I don't love them. There is a small section right above my bikini line that is still a bit pouchy. Is pouchy a word? I can't think of a better way to describe it. He said that that spot would be a "easy fix" and that I could return to work the next day. The best part was that he said that there would not be an additional charge for that correction. Whoop! Whoop! If it's still pouchy at Christmas time, then I'll go in to get it fixed. Part of me wonders if it's still swelling or just the lack of ab work for the past 6 weeks.

The second part that I don't love is a bit more complicated.... I am still loose though the belly button area. He said that to correct this that it would be a whole new surgery with a whole new set of cuts. It would be a vertical cut that goes from below my breastbone to my pubic bone. He explained that he would basically need to do the same surgery he already did but instead of doing it across he'd do it vertically. I read about the vertical cut prior to surgery, but never asked about it. I guess that I figured that if I needed it that he would have told me. I have to remember why I did this surgery. I wanted to get rid of the excess skin that rubbed on my legs and pounded when I ran. That skin is gone. At this point I feel like I need to move forward and not worry about the second surgery.

*Drum roll please.....* The biggest news of the day was that he cleared me to return to all normal exercise. SWEEEETTTT!!!! I have been giddy all day planning my workouts for the near future. My excitement is interrupted with moments of utter fear as worry creeps in that it will be OH SO HARD to return to normal exercise. Please remind me if when I freak out about my loss of muscle and overall stamina that I have just had major surgery and that it will take time to return to my "normal exercise".

My doctor wants to see my in 3 months just to make sure everything is healing correctly. He was pleased with my healing and the nurse told me that I looked amazing to only be 6 weeks out. I can't hear that enough! :) Now, has anyone seen my running shoes????

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