Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to exercise!

When my plastic surgeon told me that I could return to exercise I had conflicting emotions. Woo hoo! I can't wait to break a sweat. Holy cow! What if my body no longer works like it use to. Last night was the first real test. I went to Shred last night and it was....challenging and amazing all rolled into one. My friend Kelly (who I wish I could link you to in some fancy way...Kelly- you need a blog!) Shred is a combination of aerobic and resistance training all rolled into one hour of sweat, pain, and giggles. :) It was great to do a really hard workout again. I could totally feel the difference in how my body was able to move without the extra skin. Thanks to my Polar Heartrate monitor I know that last night I burned 668 calories in 55 minutes. Wanna see the proof? Kelly took some pictures....

I HATE jumping rope. I think that I need to make some jumping goals....

Please not that my arm is no longer hanging below my chest and my stomach doesn't hang down to my hips. :)

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