Thursday, September 22, 2011

The ride comes to a complete stop

It's fair season. We went the other night and I had my share of an Earthquake burger (the kind of burger where the grease runs down to your elbows!), scones, and caramel apples. Ok, I may have had more than my share of scones. ;)

When the rides end you always hear the ride operator reminding people to remain in their seats until the ride comes to a complete stop. I am happy to say that my Teacher Strike ride has almost come to a complete stop. It's kind of a funny story. The governor called both sides of the dispute to the capitol last night and said that she wouldn't let them leave until they reached an agreement. I told my daughter that it was like getting called to the Principal's office and being told you had to stay in detention until you could play nice.
7 hours later they had a press conference to say that they have reached an "innovative" agreement. The word "innovative" scares me a little bit, but at this point I fully trust my bargaining team that they reach the best settlement possible. They are not releasing the details of the contract until the teachers can look at it first. I love that! I feel respected!!! I look forward to seeing the contract at noon and voting to ratify. School will be back in session tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words during this very difficult time. I am looking forward to returning to normal.


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