Monday, September 12, 2011

So much to say, so little time

I've had great intentions of blogging over the past week, but haven't been able to find that time. Recently I have found myself being very busy playing Citiville on Facebook. Have you played this game? It's pretty fun! :)

First off- I know that I owe you a 4 month post-op post. I hope to get to it tomorrow. I promise it's coming.

Second- I ran my second 5k this past Saturday. Last year I ran the same race and it took me 43ish minutes. On Saturday I ran the 5k in 34:43. Yep, that's an improvement of nearly 9 minutes and 30 fewer pounds to lug over the finish line. I felt so strong during my run. It was fantastic! I had 3 other friends run with me. They were such an encouragement.

Third- I've been experience horrible lower back and hip pain. It comes and goes, but this time it doesn't seem to want to leave. I decided to see a chiropractor today. Chiropractors scare me a little bit. Have you ever gone? I went in today to have an initial eval. They did a bunch of tests, including x-rays, and then I was adjusted. I don't know what he did, but I do feel better than I did when I went in. The doctor (are they doctors???) wants me to come back on Thur. to go over my results in detail, but he did say that I have a compressed vertebra and some other stuff. I don't fully understand that, but he said he's explain more later. I'm thinking that this might be what make my butt hurt when doing sit-ups.

Fourth- Our district voted tonight to go on strike. :( It's been a really stressful start to the school year. I'm sitting here tonight trying to figure out what healthy foods one can eat on the picket line.

Whew, like I said there is a lot going on. Thanks for sticking with me- even when I don't get to post as much as I'd like to.


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