Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who? Me????

Young. Fit. Healthy. Strong. Determined.

Three times today I've had people comment on my appearance. Each person used a combination of these 5 words to describe my appearance or attitude. Over at Prior Fat Girl they are having a contest to come up with a new t-shirt slogan. On the run today I was thinking about an exercise slogan that would sum up my transformation.

My slogan?????  I've earned this!   

I've earned a body that is young, fit, healthy, strong and determined. Did you notice a word missing from that list? The word is skinny. No one called me skinny today and it's totally ok. I'm not skinny. I am STRONG! I would rather be strong than skinny any day of the week. It's not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Your words are powerful.
Use them to encourage someone today!


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On June 19, 2009 I started my weight loss journey. It has become quite the journey! As of today (2-1-11) I have lost 162 pounds and have gained a whole new life. This blog is a continuation of my journey. I hope to inspire and encourage others through my process.