Thursday, September 8, 2011

You say it's your birthday???

It's my birthday too! :)

I had two different ideas last night....
1. Start my day by taking care of myself. I read an article that other day that say that for every hour of exercise you do that you add an hour to your life.
2. Sleep in. It is my birthday after all.

I started my day with an early morning run. It was great! :) I am running a 5k on Saturday and have a goal of getting a sub 40 minute time. I ran 3.12 miles this morning and came in at 39:08. I am so ready for this race. Today I gave myself and those that love me the perfect gift- I chose to take care of my health. Tomorrow is my 4 month post-op anniversary. I hope to get some pictures up along with an update of how healing is going.

Happy almost Friday.

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