Thursday, March 8, 2012

Just checking in....

It seems like I haven't had anything to share lately. Tomorrow I'll weigh in for the first time in 3 weeks. I'm really anxious about the results. My eating was out of control a few weeks ago and that's why I've been avoiding the scale.

Even though I am anxious about my weight, I have to admit that I feel fantastic! The weight lifting has been going really well. It seems like I am sore pretty much all the time. My hamstrings and quads, in particular, are really sore. There is definately more defenition and I am able to squat lower than ever before.

The weeks seem to be flying by. Training will start the first week of April for my 1st half marathon! Super nervous and excited about training. After asking around, I've decided to do the Hal Higdon training program. It calls for 4 days a week of running (some days are only a 2 mile run) and 1 day of cross-training. My desire is to continue lifting while training. Calling all lifting experts.....have you ever trained for a running race while continuing to lift? I am currently lifting 3 days a week, but *could* do it twice a week if necessary. Also, I currently work out 6 days a week. He has two rest days built in. I know that I will be exercising the same amount of hours (especially on those lonnnnng runs), but I'm not sold on only working out 5 days a week. I'm hoping to find some blogs of runners that are also into weight lifting. Any suggestions????


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  1. Careful with the weight lifting and running as your runs become longer. Nothing like a bad case of DOMS to make it impossible to get out the door. Lower weights and focus on core work to strengthen core which will make you stronger runner.

    Learn to love those rest days. You have to take them. Not just one. You think "only two mile run" but add to that a workout and you start asking the body to be pushed until we get injured and then both working put and running are out the door. The hardest thing I had to do was give up going to boot camp while training for this marathon. But right from the beginning I knew I couldn't keep doing both.

    Listen to your body Kari. Don't push too hard. The body will push back and it will win (and not in a good way)


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