Friday, March 9, 2012

Just a number???

Miles ran this week: 10.75
Calories burned this week: 2,952

Hours spent working out: 4:12 (5 days~ skipped a workout and only did 1/2 of a normal one due to an injury...)
Time spent holding plank: 90 seconds X3 in two different workouts
Pounds lost: gain of 2.5 lbs from 3 weeks ago
Hmmmm....Yep, you read that right. A gain.... My ring is tight, I am sore, I had a high sodium dinner last night; I know it's partly fluid retention. I stopped recording again... I've been eating too much in the afternoons/evenings...

If it wasn't for that stupid BMI chart telling me that I am *suppose* to be 174, I'd be totally content at 194. (I feel amazing at 191, which was my lowest of lows.)

At 356 pounds my weight was SO MUCH MORE than just a number. It was an indication that I was killing myself and robbing my loved ones of the best Kari that they could have. I'm sitting here in my 5'10", size 11 shoe, frame wondering how much stake I now need to put in my weight and the BMI chart. Next week I'll have hubby measure me since it will have been a month since the last measurements. I feel great. I'm getting compliments. People are asking me if I'm still losing weight. (The answer is no just in case you missed the first paragraph...)

Here's my struggle- When does your weight become just a number and not a life sentence???


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