Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Still here + Diet Soda

This week at work has been crazy busy! It's a marathon of after school meeting~ 3 late nights in 4 days. Normally I work out after school. I decided last week that I'd take two rest days this week instead of the usual one. Tuesday morning I was up at 5 AM to attend a Spin class. It was actually a great class. There is something amazing about being done with your workout before the sun even rises. I have toyed with trying to squeeze in another AM workout tomorrow; but have decided to stick with my bonus workout day off, eat a little less tomorrow, and try to get in a walk during lunch. 

Big news in the area of personal growth! When I first started losing weight I would drink 3-4 regular cans of coke a day. As I had to start limit my calories, I eventually switched to diet coke to "save" my calories for other foods. My diet drinks had dwindled down to 1 to 2 a day. Somewhere along the line, the extra cans of pop snuck in and I found myself drinking 3-4 diet pops again. I've been thinking, for a while, about no longer drinking diet pop....decreasing diet pop...trying to find a good substitute...sticking to what I have been doing. I talk myself out of change more times than I can count. Last Friday I decided to stop drinking diet pop. There was no magic article that changed my mind, no show on TV that made me stop and think; it was just me realizing that I did not want a drink to control my life. 

I told a few people at work that I was going to stop drinking diet pop. It actually felt good to say it out loud. They were (of course!) very supportive, but I knew that the real test would come when I was home, the kids were in bed, and I popped my bag of popcorn. Who, tell me who, can eat popcorn without a can of pop??? I did it! I wasn't happy, but I did it. Friday night brought on killer headaches. By Saturday (24 hours since a diet coke), I was SO tired and had a headache most of the day. It was not pretty. By Sunday, I was starting to feel less fatigued, but still had a horrible headache. On Monday, the headache started to fade, the cravings were gone, and I was actually starting to feel better. Have I beat my addiction? No, probably not, but for right now I am feeling great and actually watched someone drink a diet pop today and didn't feel totally deprived. :) So, that's me. Life is busy. Finished Stage 3 of New Rules of Lifting for Women today (hope to post this weekend). 


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