Monday, December 17, 2012

What's the smell?

Secrets to a really stinky workout....

Step 1: Decide that you would rather work out at home than the gym.

This step is really important because it ensures that your kids will be able to interrupt you every few minutes with questions like:
~ Can I have some milk?
~ Sissy won't leave me alone.
~ Sissy won't play with me.
~ What time is dinner?

Step 2: Have no plan

You know that whole saying about "failing to plan and planning to fail"? It's so so so true. Walking around your house looking for exercise motivation really isn't a plan. You probably have a million workout DVD's. Don't pick the DVD (that you can't find because it's in the wrong case) until after you have already warmed up. It's really important that you cool down after your warm up before starting the DVD.

Step 3: Only have half of your equipment (see #2)

8 pound weights for everything? Sure, why not?! Of course you can lunge the same weight that you use for arm raises. Weight is weight, right?

Step 4: Quit early out of boredom (see #2), frustration (see #3), and because you are tired of listening to the kids (see #1)

Is it possible to have a great workout at home? ABSOLUTELY! Does it require a bit of planning and dedication? YES!

How was your workout today?


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