Sunday, October 6, 2013

Coach Kari, Coach Kari, Coach Kari

If you have kids in sports you've probably received a call, email or letter that sounds like this:

"Dear Parents, we find ourselves having a shortage of coaches. If we do not find ___ number of coaches than we will not be able to have soccer this year. Please consider this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young children".

My first reaction? BLARGH!!!!! I don't have the time to coach soccer. 

Need more reasons?

- I know nothing about soccer besides stay in the white lines and don't touch the ball.
- The parents can be difficult. I know, I'm one of them.
- Soccer is cold and wet.
- Did I mention the time?

Last fall I was an "assistant coach" for my son's soccer team. I vowed after that experience to never be an assistant anything. I'm not cut out to be an assistant when it comes to leadership. Not that I always need to be in charge, but I definitely need a clearly defined position. 

Bug needs to play soccer. He needs to be active. He needs to interact socially with other kids. He needs this. I need to be a soccer coach. 

I called the coordinator and agreed to coach. The husband was dragged into agreed to be my assistant coach. There are a few practices and one game where I am not going to be there. I am so grateful for his help. This means that Sissy has to come too, so I made her my "junior assistant coach". She's good with that. :)

Before I even started I emailed all the parents to let them know:
- I'm just a mom
- I know very little about soccer
- I know how to have fun with kids
- I'm totally open to suggestions and help

We had our first game yesterday. We had fun. They don't keep score in K/1 soccer. I kept telling the kids that if they were having fun that we were winning. That seemed to work. 

The highlight of my 1st game was this conversation that took place mid play while running up and down the field. It went like this:

Cute little girl: "Coach Kari, Coach Kari, Coach Kari"
Me: "Yes, super cute little girl"
CLG: "I sure do like you"
Me: "I like you too"

She hugged me and kept running down the field.

I don't know a lot about soccer, but I know kids and I know how to make fitness fun. 

Being active with my kids is amazing! My desire to be able to run and play with them was one of my greatest motivations to becoming fit and to staying fit. Today is Sunday. I'm suppose to weigh in. It's my day. I didn't weigh myself today. My food choices SUCKED this week. They just did. Too many sweets. Too many carbs. I don't need a scale to tell me that I overate this week. Back to My Fitness Pal I go.....

~Coach Kari :)

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