Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Monthly Running Check-In

2 months into my goal of running 244 miles in 2014.....

Monthly Progress:

In February I ran 35.85 miles. Whoop Whoop! I started my 1/2 marathon training, so that added some extra incentive to get in those miles.

Year to date:

I am at 70.59 miles or 29% of my goal. I am going to smash 244 miles this year. Easy peasy. :)

I started reading "Run less, run faster" and quickly realized that was not the plan for me. It wanted me doing long runs starting out that were way too long for me. I settled for a more reasonable plan from Fitsugar. I won't break any records with the plan, but I will finish and hopefully won't hate running when I'm done. 

Did you miss my weekly weigh-in? Yah, me too. It was a hard week with way too much emotional eating. I'm skipping this week. I don't need the scale to tell me that I overate and made unhealthy choices. 

In other news, I get to see a friend this weekend that I met at Fitbloggin last June. I am beyond the moon excited. 

Time for my long run. I'll be doing 5 miles on the trails with the amazing Julia. Last weekend after 4.5 I was on the verge of that shaky, sick feeling that I sometimes get after long runs. Time to break out the fuel built for the next few weeks of long runs. There is no need for me to feel bad with the correct fuel and nutrition. 

How do you fuel during a long run/race?


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