Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Feelings

Happy Friday!

It's been a week since my last blog post. This past week has flown by. Work meetings on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week was rock and rolling with spring fever on overload for the little ones at work. 2 weeks until spring break. We will all make it! 

Sitting down to write this post I realized that lately I have a lot of strong feeling on the health/fitness/wellness front....

Frustration- Even though I am back to recording again fairly consistently and accurately, my weight is holding steady. If I was more accurate with my food recording, then I am confident think that my weight would drop. I remember when I first lost that 220 was one of those SUPER STUCK points where I didn't seem to lose for weeks. I hate that I am back around that super stuck place.

Contentment- My 1/2 marathon training plan is really working for me. I love having my rest days pad my long run. I haven't been to the gym as much as I would like, but am getting in good workouts. Food wise I have been really content (most days) with my 1800-2000 calorie range. Increasing my protein has helped to ward off hunger. It is a very comfortable eating range for me. There are days that I think "I could stick with this extra 25 pounds if it meant that I could always eat semi-normal".

Race Anxiety- My race calendar is pretty full and I don't think I left myself appropriate training weeks between races. Here's what I've got....

March 29th- Dash Point 10k Trail Run
May 4th- Tacoma City Half Marathon
July 12th- Lakewood Fest Sprint Triathlon
August 2nd- Spartan Sprint

Those races don't seem close together, but they are all so different and the training for each requires it's own level of endurance vs strength vs sheer determination. Can I do it all? I'm especially anxious about the triathlon- it's a smaller race and I don't want to be last. My normal race rules are:
- Finish
- Don't be last

Tired- This is more personal than fitness, but lately I am just plain tired. I am over thinking situations, stressing about stuff I have no control over, and punishing myself emotionally for other's actions that have nothing to do with me. I wish that I was one of those people that just let stuff go. Thankfully I have been very aware of how I'm feeling and have had very few moments what I have caught myself eating my feelings.

So, there it is....Friday Feelings. :)
TGIF for sure! 


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