Friday, March 21, 2014

Are you wearing your brace?

I caved (or rather my foot caved) and went to the podiatrist yesterday to talk about the pain that I've been having in the top of my foot for a few weeks. He wasn't in his normal office, of course, so the Husband drove me out to his other office. Thankfully they were able to even fit me in yesterday! 

We got right in and saw the nurse. I went though the yoga and swimming story. Then the question came that would be repeated many more times:

Have you been wearing your brace?

My brace?! I got that thing 2 years ago for an unrelated injury. Ok, I thought it was unrelated (the pain was in the side of the foot), but after reading that old post I realized it was the same- irritated tendons.

No, I haven't been wearing my brace. 

Doctor comes in... Have you been wearing your brace?


Doctor: You should wear your brace if it hurts. 

Me: I know but.... (He really wasn't too interested in my but's, go figure!)

- Inflamed tendons 
- Bone spur that he only mentioned in passing, not sure what the means
- "Possible ankle damage" that might need a cortisone shot, but we won't know until the tendons de-flame (Pretty sure that's not a word, but go with it)

Doctor's Orders:
Wear my brace
- Put cream on tendons
- Ice 3 times a day
- Come back in 2 weeks to get a better look at the ankle
- Run as long as it doesn't hurt

My mental state:
- I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to do my 8 miles tomorrow and it's ok. It really is ok. Really, it's ok. I still have 6 weeks until my 1/2 and if I miss this long run I can still complete most of my training. I'm doing a part trail/part road run tomorrow and I have already given myself permission to bail after the trail if it hurts even a little bit.
- Athletes have injuries. Even the most careful and physically fit athletes have injuries. This injury won't keep me back forever. A bigger injury wouldn't keep me down forever. 
- I'm super thankful for the Husband who has taken great care of me the last few days. He always supports my crazy fitness ideas and is there to pick me up when I fall down. 

Are you wearing your bace? :)


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