Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Why I'm not Fitbloggin and Why you Should!

Last spring I applied to be a "live blogger" at Fitbloggin. The previous year some of my weight loss/maintenance blogging heros were all abuzz about Fitbloggin. It was something that sounded amazing, something that I wanted to be a part of. Imagine my surprise when I was chosen as a live blogger!

Fitbloggin 2013 was amazing. It was more than I could have ever anticipated. I met people that got me in ways that my friends and family really didn't. People that understood that losing 100+ pounds was only the beginning, that set backs happen, and that we all had to find our own road on the way to finding health.
Once I finally left my hotel room and opened myself up to new possibilities I found Fitbloggin to be THE PLACE that I needed to be. My weekend in Portland was amazing. (I posted a ton in July 2013 about Fitbloggin if you'd like to read more.)

Sadly, this year I won't be attending. We had already scheduled our family vacation for that same time frame and in July my mom and I are going on a cruise, which makes rescheduling the family vacation pretty close to impossible. Plus the money- Fitbloggin is not cheap. If I wasn't doing the cruise I'd be able to swing both the family trip and Fitbloggin. How cool is it that I live in this amazing body that can go on cruises and family vacations?! The Kari of 2009 never would have gone on a cruise. I was "too big" for that. I wasn't too big, I had limited my own abilities based on what I thought I was incapable of doing. 2015 Fitbloggin is definitely in the plans.

Why should you go?

Liz explained it well on her blog. You will find your tribe at Fitbloggin. There is something amazing about this group of people. There are still the "cool kids" that the fat girl inside of my longed to be, but once I got past not being a cool kid, I found amazing sources of inspiration and support. Some of my biggest cheerleaders today are people that I met for 3 days in Portland last June.

Take a chance!

Do something uncomfortable.
Register for Fitbloggin. :)


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