Thursday, March 20, 2014

I should be running right now....

Instead I'm sitting in bed trying to talk myself off the injured list. 

Two weeks ago I was doing yoga (yoga of all things!) and lost my balance doing half moon pose. The next day I got off the couch and something felt really painful in the top of my foot. That weekend I got a massage and my massage guy said it looked like I rolled it a little.

My foot only hurt when I went from sitting to standing.

So I kept running (and lifting, and stretching, and biking).

It only hurt when I stood up and only when I wasn't careful to put more of my weight on the other leg and only for a few seconds.

Last night I went swimming instead of doing yoga because my foot was still not right. The first time I kicked off the wall of the pool I knew that that wasn't going to work. It hurt as much as standing. The rest of the swim I kicked off with only one foot.

After swimming I came home (still not hurting) and watched some TV. 

I googled every know foot issue in the world and kept coming back to stress fracture.

Time for bed- I started walking towards bed and it hurt SOOO bad. The "only hurts when I stand" was replaced with hurts all the time. 

It's 6 AM. I should be running, but I'm not. 

I'm terrified that something is really wrong. I have a race in two weeks....and in six weeks....etc. 

I'm scared.

What if I can't run any more?
What if I am told no exercise?
What if I gain back all my weight?

I'm going to take work off and try to find a doctor that will see me today. 
I'll keep you posted.


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