Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Marathon Weekend

What are you plans this weekend???


Oh, it's a marathon weekend. :)

Well, a half marathon, but a marathon nonetheless. 

A coworker asked me yesterday my plans for the weekend. I called it a marathon because there's lots to do. Then I realized it's literally a marathon weekend. That made me chuckle for several hours. It's the little things. 

Friday night my best running friend (who know that I could have one of those?!) and I went to packet pick up and the race expo for our race on Sunday. The expo was pretty sparse, but my number rocks- 2323. Bug and Sissy are also doing the kid race. All of the kids are number 1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that. So cool that everyone gets to be number 1. 

Part of packet pick up included happy hour and a trip to REI. Bonus!

Today (Saturday) brings opening season of TBall and Coach Pitch. After the games we have to stop and pick up last minute supplies for the big party. Sissy turns 9 today!!! The house is all a buzz. Bug was up at 5:45 because he wanted to be awake when she woke up on her birthday. He normally sleeps til 7....

It's 6:56, Bug and Sissy have been awake for over an hour. 

Her party is this afternoon. Then it's home for spaghetti dinner and bed.

Sunday morning I'll be rolling jumping out of bed at 4:45. The race doesn't start til 8, but the last shuttle leaves at 6:00 AM. Yuck! 

This is my first time running the Tacoma City Marathon and I'm not sure what to expect with pre race atmosphere. With Rock and Roll there was so much to do to fill my time. I know a few of the runner and hope to be able to connect with them while we wait. The forecast is for rain, but when I looked this morning the hourly forecast says showers during our race time. I'm hopeful. 

Ok, it's 7 AM. I told Sissy we could open presents at 7. 
Let's get this day started! 

What are you up to this weekend?


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