Thursday, May 22, 2014

Retreat or Regroup

Our old scale died.
We bought a new scale.
I hadn't weighed myself for 6+ weeks.
I weighed myself.
Our new scale doesn't say nice things to me.

When I first started gaining I'd hear things like:

"It's only 5 pounds. Weight fluctuates."
"It's muscle"
"You are retaining fluid"
"You need to do more cardio"

The list of excuses or rationalizations goes on and on.

My fear came true. 5 pound gain turned in to a 15 pound gain that turned in to a 20 pound gain and now a 40 pound gain.

Typing that out loud makes me a little sick.

40 pounds.

A 40 pound gain does not make me any less awesome or inspiring. It makes me normal. 

Most people regain.

I always said that I wouldn't be THAT girl. The girl that loses 156 pounds and then gains it all back. 

I can't be THAT girl.

Here I sit. 

How does this happen?

I ate more food than my body needs. 

Nothing more. I just ate too much of food that had little to no nutritional value. 

Ready for some good news????

I stepped on that scale. Saw the number (232.6 in case you are DYING to know). Stepped off the scale and opened up My Fitness Pal app to record my breakfast. Then I went for a run. 

I didn't cry, crawl in to bed, and give up.

I knew in that very moment that I had a choice. I was in control. I could retreat or regroup. I choose to regroup. I know what works. I've experienced success. I will do it again. 

There are some aspects of weight loss that I will do way differently this time, but that's for another post.

My support systems are amazing.
I've got this! 
I'm a woman on a mission.

(Preview- this time around I am way more interested in HOW food fuels me and the emotional side of overeating instead of just counting calories. More to come....)

Have you ever regained a significant amount of weight? How did you get back into the weight loss mode?


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